[kde-linux] Kwallet hates me!

Doug Robinson dkrr at telus.net
Sun Nov 15 19:34:51 UTC 2009

James Tyrer wrote:
> Doug Robinson wrote:
>> snip
> I am not certain what you have done or what the problem is.
> IIUC, all that I did was to copy the *.kwl file(s) from:
> 	$HOME/.kde/share/apps/kwallet
> to:
> 	$HOME/.kde4/share/apps/kwallet
> and the wallet(s) will open with the KDE-4 wallet manager.
> However, you can expect some problems with Konqueror not requesting the
> information and you will have to open the wallet and look it up once.
Ok - I deleted that wallet & things started to work. blush blush
did not think of that!

copied the files as directed - voila - it works

Thank you!

another one down!


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