[kde-linux] Goodbye

Dale rdalek1967 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 22:30:13 UTC 2009

David J Iannucci wrote:
>> I'm sticking with KDE 3.5 at least until things are working in KDE 4.
>> I do agree tho that even my machine is a bit slower than I would like.
>> KDE 4 needs a fast machine to work and respond the way KDE 3.5 does.
> I'm also a Gentoo user, and since they have recently announced that 3.5
> will be removed from portage and that as a result it will get a lot more
> bothersome to try to stick with it, I was thinking I'd just bite the
> bullet and upgrade, hoping that this was happening because things had
> really improved to the point of usability, but this thread is not
> encouraging.
> I thought one of the "hype points" about 4.x was that the code base was
> significantly rewritten to be smaller-footprint, faster, stabler, more
> efficient for older hardware.  Was this just a load of c**p?
> Now I'm starting to think I should look into learning what I need to
> know (Gentoo overlays) in order to stay with 3.5....
> Dave
> p.s. I did have another specific question, actually, that I might as
>      well stick in here: for a long time I've been using an "outside" WM
>      with KDE - icewm.  Does 4.x continue to make it fairly easy to do
>      this, or does it really expect you to be using kwin?

I'm currently using the overlay myself.  It is really not to hard to 
do.  Here is a guide:


The overlay you are looking for is kde-sunset.  If you use eix, let me 
know and I'll tell you how to make it sync both portage and the overlays 
at the same time.  I'll have to go look for it. 

So far, it works pretty good.  Your mileage may vary tho.


:-)  :-) 

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