[kde-linux] Problems with KDE4 in Kubuntu 9.10

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Mon Nov 9 21:09:49 UTC 2009

Do you have an existing ~/.kde directory. I've had problems w/ older config files and 4.3. Let kde rebuild a clean ~/.kde on launch. 

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I downloaded Kubuntu910 and it got into a loop when stating KDE, I 
installed using the alternate CD (text mode) and when starting KDE it 
got into the same loop. Just that now I have console access. 

My guess is that it is a Video config problem. 

How can I configure KDE4 (before issuing startx) to configure (force) 
KDE4 to use framebuffer or vesa? 

Is there a config program (Mandriva had it) or only config files? 

I tested those modes and they are ok. 

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