[kde-linux] Another KDE 4.x print problem?

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Wed Nov 4 09:49:56 UTC 2009

On Wednesday, 2009-11-04, Duncan wrote:

> Thanks.  That's a lot of very useful information all in one place.
> I've seen most of it before, but scattered here and there, so seeing
> it all in one place was very good. =:^)

You're welcome :)

> And one thing new I had NOT realized, was that KDAB was actually using
> kde's hosting -- a lot different from having to track it down on some
> other independent website.

I am not sure that (using KDE's source repository) has always been the case 
for development, but it has always been the case for merging back.

> That's actually one of the rumors I had read, that they were arranging
> to take over development more or less, and would get access to kde's
> own servers to host that continued development.  But at the time I read
> it, nothing was confirmed.  This is indeed a very good development,
> because while they may not be directly kde, what's kde but a bunch of
> /volunteers/ (yes, I recognize it's volunteers, either at the individual
> level or where a company volunteers to sponsor development of something,
> thanks for volunteering, kde folks!!), and with this hosted on kde's
> own servers, in effect, it's pretty much just one set of kde devs handing
> it off to another, in this case, literal maintainers in the true sense
> of the word.

It is not so much a handing over between sets of developers, it is mostly 
handing over between two different time budgets of the same developers.
Most developers working on KDEPIM "enterprise" at KDAB are actually KDEPIM 
developers, meaning they work on new KDEPIM stuff like anyone other volunteer 
developer as a volunteer and do the enterprise maintenance/development during 
their time as an employee.

Sometimes they even have the opportunity to spent work time on current KDEPIM 
stuff, e.g. some of them are working on the Akonadi ports right now.

It is one of the few occasions where people getting hired by companies does 
not result in development resources being drained from the community the were 
hired from.


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