[kde-linux] Another KDE 4.x print problem?

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Mon Nov 2 21:41:22 UTC 2009

On Monday, 2009-11-02, Esben Mose Hansen wrote:
> On Monday 02 November 2009 20:41:04 Dale wrote:
> > I do remember the akondia server, or something like that, not starting
> > when I log in.  I googled and it seems everybody has that problem.  That
> > is one.  From what I read it is being worked on.  That's the first
> > problem I see when I log into KDE 4.
> And that worked in KDE 3.5? Though it is running fine here, just not doing
> anything as far as I know.

Akonadi is new in KDE4 (since KDE 4.1 IIRC).

It is kind of strange that there are such problems at all, usually related to 
MySQL versions.
Sometimes it seems that distributors build Qt with support for one version but 
ship a different one, causing problems when a Qt program (in this case Akonadi 
server) tries to communicate with the database.

Some reports indicate that the internal requirements of MySQL have changed on 
what is needed to setup a database correctly.

It is a very frustrating situation where one solution works for most people 
but mysteriously fails for other with hard to debug reasons and more 
integrated options (e.g. SQLite) do not provide the necessary functionality.

It looked like a workable solution, there were no problems at first (unless on 
a broken distribution), we hope that there is at least some way of 
automatically fixing the new problems with the database and get a better 
solution in the future.

Only good thing right now is that Akonadi is still an optional thing. but 
since this will change over the next releases, I really hope the MySQL 
situation doesn't escalate again.


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KDE user support, developer mentoring
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