[kde-linux] Another KDE 4.x print problem?

Dale rdalek1967 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 13:46:34 UTC 2009

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Monday 02 November 2009 12:50:22 Anne Wilson wrote:
>> Dale 2008.1 is so far out of date, and without any security updates for
>>  some  time now, that he might as well stay with Windows.
> I think I'm wrong about the EOL for 2008.1 - it is probably when 2010 is 
> released, very soon.  I don't know the actual date, but I believe it is this 
> month.
> Anne

So if I downloaded the latest DVD I could still install KDE 3.5?  That
would be cool. 


:-)  :-) 

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