[kde-linux] Blank screen during bootup kde 3.5.10

Rajko M. rmatov101 at charter.net
Tue Mar 24 18:09:09 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 24 March 2009 11:36:53 am Bruce Bales wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm using Kubuntu 8.04,  kde 3.5.10, 2.6gHz computer and a wide screen 19"
> proview monitor.
> I have two questions which may be related.
> 1. When I boot up, the entire screen goes black for as much as 60 seconds
> before a large dot appears and morphs into an arrow-cursor.  Not knowing
> what is going on for that 60 seconds (or even IF anything is going on)
> makes me nervous.  If this is the default behavior, is there a way to
> change it -- put some kind of graphic on the screen?
> 2. When I hit cntrl-F2 (or cntrl-F[2:6]), I get a login screen in huge type
> with 40 chars per line and about 20 lines high.  After name and password,
> it scrolls off the screen below and I never see a prompt, so this is
> worthless for a rescue method.  How can I change this?

Both problems are, most likely, distribution specific. 
KDE part comes in play shortly (only few seconds) before you see login screen. 
The rest of boot time has nothing to do with KDE settings.

To get somewhat usable graphic you can edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and change 
string vga=???? (something that define resolution) to vga=normal , which will 
set screen to 80x25. 

For more detailed answer it would be good to find distro forums, or mail 
lists, and ask how to solve problem. They would know perks of their boot 
process and used options. For instance, pressing ESC key can remove splash 
and you can see boot commands. 

Regards, Rajko

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