[kde-linux] Mail Filters.

_sc_ toothpik at swbell.net
Sun Mar 15 14:05:40 UTC 2009

On Sunday 15 March 2009 8:49 am, Gaffer. wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> Daft question !  Where does KDE 3.5.5 Build 45.  Open SuSE 10.2.
> Keep the "Mail Filters" ?   The ones where you Click "Settings/Configure 
> Filters/" In Kmail 1.9.5 !
> I've looked in ".kde/share/config/" !  I've found "kuriikwsfilterrc" 
> & "kwinrulesrc"  but I'm stumped as to where they are hidden.

they are hidden in plain sight, if i'm looking at what i think i'm
looking at -- you were close, in fact led me to them -- look in


for sections beginning [Filter #...

is that what you're looking for?


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