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James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Wed Mar 4 19:12:47 UTC 2009

This seems to be the definitive statement about the current state of 
KDE-4 printing.

Yes, printing isn't a glamorous thing, but most applications that deal 
with files need to do it.  So, it is a very important part of the KDE 

So, until we find some developers (real software engineers) that are 
willing to work on the dull and boring task, printing usability in KDE-4 
is going to be way behind the curve.


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Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=176999
> --- Comment #23 from Andreas Pakulat <apaku gmx de>  2009-02-13
> 14:05:12 --- (In reply to comment #22)
>> Re:Comment #21
>> "Since KDE decided to rely on the Qt printing facilities"
>> Perhaps this was a bad decision and it is really this decision that
>> is the bug!
> It actually wasn't a "decision", it was simply the fact that there
> was nobody willing to port the kde3 printing code to KDE4 and make it
> work across all platforms. Implementing printing support is
> apparently a rather boring, tedious and time-consuming thing to work
> on.
:-)  I have to admit laughing a bit at that comment.

I have been told that people laugh at my comments about being an
engineer.  But, I have to suggest that you get an engineer to to the
job.  Engineers are not only willing to do boring and tedious work but
they actually enjoy it.  Well actually they derive their positive
reinforcement in the final product and are willing to do boring and
tedious things to accomplish the completion of the project.

IIRC, I once volunteered to work on KPrint but I was told that what I
wanted to do was not acceptable.  I wanted KDE to have an internal
spooler based on LPR and support CUPS.  I wanted to have an interface
similar to the Print Dialog in OO.o.

I have not been well enough to do this lately, but with some help I
could probably accomplish it.


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