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david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Mon Mar 2 23:43:41 UTC 2009

Randy Kramer wrote:

> PS: I remember a big issue for Wordperfect users trying to switch to 
> Word was the issue of no "view codes" mode in Word.  Once you learn 
> Word, you realize you don't need it (and shouldn't).  You can always
> see what style is applied to any text, then check the definition of 
> that style to see what formatting is applied.

Yah, that's why you see styles listed in Word such has "Normal + Bold + 
Times New Roman + " blah blah blah. ;-)

OK, as both a Word and WP power user for many years, I can only say that 
you've never had to figure just where some odd bit of Word formatting 
applied at a particular point was actually coming from. You could spend 
days trying to fix it, and finally have to completely clear the 
formatting and start all over again.

BTW, WP has supported styles as well or better than Word for many many 
versions now. And Word has some nasty gotchas about styles, particularly 
when working with bullets and numbering.

Your statement about the use of styles in wordprocessors is nice, but 
begs the question of what you do when you inherit a document from a Word 
user who knows nothing about styles because they were taught that when 
you wanted to make something bold, you just clicked on the magic Bold 
button. If you had a heading in your document, you made it bold, 
centered and a bigger font size all by clicking on the magic buttons on 
the tool bar.

No, Word's lack of WP's View Codes (along with its continued inability 
to do things that are incredibly easy to do in WP) is still its biggest 

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