[kde-linux] kwifimanager crashed

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 20 18:24:34 UTC 2009

On Monday 20 Jul 2009 18:21:24 JD wrote:
> I finally located it here:
> ftp://fr2.rpmfind.net/linux/fedora/updates/11/i386/debug/kdenetwork-debugin
> So I installed it, and re-started kwifimanger and again clicked on Scan
> for Networks
> and after it crashed, I got a banner saying the that it was not able to
> get a valid backtrace:
> Unable to create a valid backtrace.
> This backtrace appears to be of no use.
> This is probably because your packages are built in a way which prevents
> creation of proper backtraces, or the stack frame was seriously
> corrupted in the crash.

I don't recall having to do anything specific to get the debug thingy working, 
though I could be wrong.  One thing that does puzzle me a bit - you refer to 
kwifimanager - I thought the package was knetworkmanager.  Are we definitely 
talking about the same thing?

Other than that, I can only suggest that you install wicd.  On this laptop 
wifi was dodgy - I kept losing the connection.  Since I installed wicd all has 
been well.  I've seen a lot of other reports of it solving problems, too.

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