[kde-linux] KDE4- Konqueror - certificates management ?

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 28 05:02:09 UTC 2009

Duncan wrote:

> Bug: KDE4 SSL Certificate support incomplete 
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=162485
Perhaps if you are familiar with this bug, you could up date it for
KDE-4.3.4 which does appear to work better.
> Of course, normal ordinary people aren't really kde's target any
> more, after the recently announced name change, etc, devs are.  In
> that light, the claims make more sense, as kde sc 4.3.4 /could/ be
> reasonably claimed to be ready for ordinary /development/ use.
> I've been predicting that 4.4 will finally make it to release
> candidate status.  We'll see in February, I guess.  The bug above
> isn't closed yet, but there has been some action on it, and the dev
> apparently behind the ssl support infra seems to think it's all
> there, it only needs a UI and he's not a UI guy, according to the
> bug, so hopefully one of the UI folks picks up the issue and runs
> with it.  (But I don't know... it's gotta be getting pretty close to
> feature freeze for 4.4, not much time left.)
I do hope that they don't use that as an excuse.  Fixing a bug is not
adding a feature.  Yes, it might affect the documentation, but KDE-4
still contains some KDE-3 documentation so I wouldn't think that it
really mattered.

The KDE User Guide: Copyright © 2004, 2005 The KDE Documentation Team,
has screen shots with CrystalSVG icons.

OTOH, the Kleopatra documentation is nice and appears mostly up to date.

IAC, having needed features (not new gimmicks) is more important than 
having documentation for them.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch

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