[kde-linux] Video thumbnails on Dolphin

Sergei Andreev seajey.serg at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 14:08:26 UTC 2009

> How could I get video thumbnails on Dolphin, in the same way it shows
> for photos? I would really appreciate this.


MPlayerThumbs is a video thumbnail generator for KDE file managers
(Konqueror, Dolphin, ...) , now available also for KDE 4.
It needs mplayer (of course) to generate thumbnails, and it contains
no linking to any library, so in a x86_64 system you can freely use
the 32bit mplayer binary with win32codecs by configuring the
application launching the mplayerthumbsconfig helper application.
It catches a random frame from 15% to 70%, checking also how
contrasted is the image, and dropping bad frames.


This is a slightly hacked version of mplayerthumbs and intended for
those who have a fetish for a \"picture-perfect\" desktop, whatever
that means.

The thumbnails generated by mplayerthumbs look somewhat ugly, IMHO -
that is, there is a thin blue(cyan ?!) strip, and only on the left
side of the image!
So I decided to change the code a bit to generate thumbnails with
better-looking stripes - delicious(I hope) black-white stripes on BOTH
sides of the thumbnail.


This video thumbnailer can be used to create thumbnails for your video
files. The thumbnailer uses ffmpeg to decode frames from the video
files, so supported videoformats depend on the configuration flags of

This thumbnailer was designed to be as fast and lightweight as
possible. The only dependencies are ffmpeg, libpng and libjpeg.

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