[kde-linux] Knetworkmanager replacement?

David J Iannucci xqryvahkzy at punchcutter.ml1.net
Thu Dec 17 23:33:15 UTC 2009

So... long story short :-/ I'm a Gentoo user who has felt pressured by
the removal of 3.5.x from portage to try 4.x (4.3.3 specifically).
I have a variety of issues with it (which I may post about later). Not
absolute showstoppers, mostly, but enough to make me start investigating
LXDE. I haven't actually given up on KDE yet, but...... :-/  Anyway...

So..... right now perhaps the No. 1 issue for me is the (apparent) lack
of a convenient applet/widget/plasmoid/whatever for managing my network
connections.  There's no more knetworkmanager, right?  It had few
faults, and generally I liked it a lot.  But there doesn't seem to be
anything to replace it (in portage anyway).  There's knetworkconf, but
this seems to be a module within the system settings, and doesn't do
what I need.

Can someone offer some insight here?  I'm confident that someone will
say I'm overlooking something obvious, because KDE couldn't POSSIBLY
have yet to release something as utterly indispensible as a network
connection manager widget.  Right?!


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