[kde-linux] Updating System Configuration

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Sun Dec 13 13:03:54 UTC 2009

On Sunday, 2009-12-13, David Baron wrote:
> This is a bug from the kde3.5 days or longer:
> When changing a parameter, i.e. to get dolphin back as my file manager
>  after 4.3.4 upgrade set this back to konqueror ... the progress bar loops,
>  each time at half the speed ad nauseum. If I stop it, I will usually not
>  have any changes made.

What does "half the speed" mean?
Compared to what?

I just tried the same change (on 4.3.2) and I get a progress dialog which 
shows percentage (obviously estimates, it vanished befor reaching 100%).
Switch from Dolphin to Konqueror took about 6 seconds, switch back about 2.
First value would probably also be 2 seconds on hot disk caches.


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