[kde-linux] upgrading to KDE 4.2.4

Gmail lars.koraeus at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 04:14:09 UTC 2009

On Saturday 05 December 2009 03:16:23 you wrote:
> On Friday 04 December 2009 13:38:19 Gmail wrote:
> > > Better still, back up the whole of your /home/you directory to a usb
> > >  pen-drive if at all possible.  If you have space to spare, back up
> > > /etc as well.
> > >
> > > Anne
> >
> > A thing to wish for would be that KDE apps had a better separation of
> > data/documents a user creates and other support files.
> > Then it had been easy to just have data in a separate partition that
> > could be  mounted in different systems and used by different
> > applications. As standard not with manual work as now.
> > Now we have all data in a /local and own apps/script in /usr/local.
> > Always there whatever system we install or boot.
> I'm sorry - you have totally lost me.  /home/you contains your personal
> settings and data.  That's all.  And none of your data is elsewhere unless
>  you have very deliberately caused it to be so .  How you come to have data
>  scattered around your system is a puzzle that only you can answer.
> Anne
No Ann I did not lost you.
My computers are probably a little different from what is expected. I have 
several distribution/version root file systems as I have our embedded root 
file systems we are working on. But I want the same data whichever system I 
boot. Also I might move to another computer but I still want my "home data" 
with me but not every "homes" configuration. It is very handy to have all the 
documentation/mails/todo's and some applications/scripts with you even if you 
are on your small footprint (less than 64MB windowmanager less) system.

As you  mean my data will by scattered around. But as I said my is perhaps a 
little special. We have been on Unix from 1984 and Linux from 1995. Don't ask 
me why but this has grown during all these years.

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