[kde-linux] Thought in desperation

Gmail lars.koraeus at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 13:37:30 UTC 2009

Irina I think this Linux is very good for you in your work.

My problem is that we are a hard/soft-ware developing company and we do also 
build total signage and traffic control systems.

I have 10 different desktops dedicated for different tasks.
We do heavily depend on all our systems.
- They are the whole Kontact suit to take care o all our different mail 
accounts, address book and scheduling and todo's. A very valuable package.
We also use ktaskjuggler frontend. Now gone and we have NO project management.
- We have 4 different own servers + the Internet + customers servers we need 
to keep an eye on. We also use ktorrent as the wget for downloads as ftp 
- We use kopete for customer and supplier contacts. Her we before used the 
world clock with small flags and local times for all our partners around the 
world. The new have lost these features, a huge step back.
- We use gimp, qcad and freeCAD. The last is now gone and we have to look for 
something else.
- Then we have as you the office suit, okular. Okular however has been much 
better than before.
--- The 5 other desktops for different tasks with Dolphin, vi, compiling 
debugging etc.
When things don't work or live their own life we get trouble. 
We have about 100 computers to keep up and running.

I know we might have the wrong distribution but we use the same base for our 
office computers as for all our developed embedded systems. We have used SuSE 
and now openSUSE for more than 10 years now.
From time to time we look at other distributions, but no.

It can always be troublesome to get used to new developments. It can take time 
to get used with all the new things.
But when someone remove well working applications and force people into new 
buggy one's then there is a reaction. Linux did stand for control but now we 
feel that the developers do not care about these things but force people to 
use what they decide , just like the Microsoft.


On Thursday 03 December 2009 16:15:50 Irina Rempt wrote:
> On Thursday 03 December 2009 02:05 Gmail wrote:
> >  Real users that use the computer for productive work
> >  should use something else.
> Er? I think I'm a real user who uses the computer for productive work
>  (self- employed translator and editor) and I've never found any fault with
>  KDE.
> Not that I'm not having fun doing it, of course.
> On the other hand, perhaps I'm just feeding the trolls here.
>    Irina

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