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Kevin, thanks for the reply.  This would indeed take care of the problem I
sent you and which was described to me.  Thanks for the info about it.

It turns out the user in question wanted auto-raise for his windows and was


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Hi Tom,

On Tuesday 07 April 2009, Tom Wurgler wrote:
> We had a problem back with kde 3.3 that when one runs an application that
> popups a window that requires user interaction, it put this popup behind
> all existing windows and the user wouldn't know there was something
> his attention.
> We upgraded the kde to 3.4.2 (at that time) and the problem was resolved.
> Now we have new machines that came with KDE 3.5.1a having that same
> problem.
> Can you tell me how to set KDE so it brings the new popups to the front?

This sounds like the focus stealing prevention kicking in.

It's intent is to prevent sub windows of an application currently sitting
the background to interrupt user interaction with the application currently

in the foreground.

KWin, the window manager, does this by checking the parent/child
of windows, unfortunately some applications forget to set the respective
window properties.

However, the level of suppression is configurable in the module for window
options, reachable through control center or context menu of any window

I think the settings is stored in the user's kwinrc config file where it
be extracted and put into the global one since you probably need this

In case you are OK with digging into config files, check kwinrulesrc, it
contains some preconfigured override rules for applications known to have
weird window behavior.


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