[kde-linux] Debian 5.0, KDE: getting konqueror to open links from kmail in the background (and not interfere with other behaviors)

Wilhelm Boltz lists at boltzclan.de
Tue Apr 7 02:37:31 UTC 2009

Hello Anne,

Am Montag 06 April 2009 schrieb Anne Wilson:
> On Monday 06 April 2009 19:34:57 Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> > In <200904061907.43754.cannewilson at googlemail.com>, Anne Wilson 
> > > [...]
> > Unless you use openSUSE.  They don't feel they have the person
> > power to triage all the KDE bugs, so they would prefer you
> > determine if it is openSUSE specific yourself (presumably, by
> > using a different distribution[1]) and then file the bug in the
> > correct place.
> So they expect the KDE team to triage whether it is a KDE bug or
> an OpenSUSE one?  How nice of them.
> Yes, I do try to test on more than one distro, but not everyone
> can do that. Distros do not package pure KDE (probably not pure
> anything else either, but I can't answer for that) and they have
> some responsibility for what they do.

You do remember fabulous S.u.S.E. had been sold out to that "dodgy 
company" in Her British Majesties insurgent colonies? 

KDE4 seems to do well in openSUSE 11.1 imho, in which other distro 
does it likewise?

Kind regards

P.S.: Sorry my English is a bit poor ...

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