[kde-linux] KDE4 password prompts

Dag Nygren dag at newtech.fi
Sun Sep 28 22:18:41 UTC 2008

On Sunday, 28. September 2008 23:25:29 Dale wrote:

> Gentoo shows the same as your, little circles filled in.  Since Gentoo
> is from source, maybe distro specific?

Thanks all for trying to help here.

My KDE4 is compiled from source and used as an upgrade to an old KDE3 
installation. Wonder if it could be a nonexisting font problem? The kdm login 
screen is now the only one that shows black circles as it should. This could 
also indicate that there is some old KDE3 setting interfering. Anybody knows 
if the login password echo setting should affect all the login dialogues ? 
And in what config file the setting is stored (kdeglobal?) ?


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