[kde-linux] K3B won't burn right?

Gaffer. derrick_s at tesco.net
Fri Sep 12 17:34:09 UTC 2008

Hi David,

On Friday 12 September 2008 10:09, david wrote:
> Rex Dieter wrote:
> > Gaffer. wrote:
> >> I wonder if there is a bug in the K3B or DMA code ?
> >
> > I'm 99% certain it's not k3b, afaict, it doesn't have code or
> > access to do that.
> My guess is that burning is a more resource intensive and time
> sensitive thing than reading. So a PC with slightly marginal
> hardware components might be able to handle reading with no
> problems, but start to stumble when burning. The kernel appears to
> be monitoring such things, and maybe takes protective action when
> it detects increased failures on the DMA/IDE/SATA bus. Perhaps one
> of those protective actions is to turn off DMA, or whatever other
> bus feature that might be triggering problems.
> Also wonder what speed the device bus is running at. On all of my
> systems, I've never budged from the default 33MHz, even on machines
> that had 66MHz bus speeds. Does that make a difference?
> Also, burning involves the drive's hardware in a way different from
> reading - any burn protection feature it might have. Perhaps
> there's something going on connected with that?
> I don't know, my limited hardware geekery was long ago when busses
> and timing issues were much more challenging. Burning CDs used to
> produce a lot of coasters, even with hardware and media that were
> nominally good.
> Just WAGging around here.

Your notes are interesting !  Particularly the comments regarding the 
bus speed.  Like you, I have never seen anything different than 

Unfortunately I cannot test K3B on my other machine under similar 
conditions since that one is all SCSI !  I can and have burnt the 
same ISO on it though.  I did the same one twice without any change 
in time for both burns.  Which is what I would expect from SCSI 

As a side issue a DVD will not verify unless the "Eject after burn" is 
turned off on that machine either.  I originally ignored verifying 
failures thinking that it had something to do with the machine being 
all SCSI.  I've never had a bad burn on that machine either !  Having 
said that I've not had a bad burn on this one yet.

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