[kde-linux] Question: Advantages of Zoom UI over virtual desktops?

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Mon Sep 8 07:30:46 UTC 2008

On Monday 08 September 2008, Andreas Demmer wrote:
> AAW schrieb am Sonntag 07 September 2008:
> > What I'm having trouble understanding is ZUI's advantages over a regular
> > virtual desktop. The differentiated widgets are all I see so far. What am
> > I missing?
> I read about the concept and saw some screenshots in Aaron Seigo's blog.
> Although I liked the idea, I did not get the advantage over desktops, too.
> Maybe this concept is up to replace common desktops?!?

It is more an additional thing rather than a replacement.

Desktops are often used to separate different aspects of what a task requires, 
e.g. having one desktop dedicated to communication (email program, etc), one 
for documentation, one for "working".

Imagine you have two task which belong to the same overall work, e.g. 
developing software and managing the product.

At both tasks you might want to have the same general desktop setup, i.e. on 
which desktop you'll find documentation, however when coding this 
documentation will most likely technical information about other software 
(e.g. libraries) while when writing office documents to exchange with your 
clients it will more likely be something like an online dictionary or a 

When coding you might want to have quick access to certain development tools, 
while when doing office work you might rather use the quick launch section of 
your panel for other office programs.

These are just examples I envision my self be using ZUI for, but since it is a 
concept previously not implemented or at least not in combination with 
multiple desktops I am pretty sure there are lots of other usage patterns, 
some maybe even using ZUI for what a user previously used multiple desktops 


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