[kde-linux] kde 4.0 on second screen TV

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Fri Sep 5 19:20:26 UTC 2008

Zitat von Erbureth <Erbureth at seznam.cz>:

> Hello,
> I dont know, if this is the issue, but you might need to start new plasma
> session
> for the sencond monitor, in your case TV.
> Hope that helps,
> Erbureth
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> Pøedmìt: [kde-linux] kde 4.0 on second screen TV
> Datum: 03.9.2008 15:52:09
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> I use kde 4.0 with suse 11.0. I have a x86_64 machine with nvidia
> grafikcard.
> Normally I'm working on a normal dvi monitor an use the S-VIDEO connector
> for
> looking films on TV. Since I installed kde4.0 I can only see my mouse moving
> on
> the black screen of my TV. The other monitor works fine. First I blamed it
> on
> my
> xorg.conf but now I'm sure it's a problem with kde4. I also installed xfce4
> now
> and under this session everything works fine. So what I'm looking for is the
> script where kwin4 is getting his informations for xscreens.
> Thank's for all your Erich!
Sorry it was the wrong mail-id.
It realy would help me if you can tell me how to startnew plasma session."plasma
--help-all" didn't give me the right optin.
Greetings Erich

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