[kde-linux] KDE4 on Ubuntu 8.04

Barry Premeaux bpx at basicisp.net
Thu Oct 23 00:55:40 UTC 2008

Alain M. wrote:
> Hi, I just installed KDE4 on Ubuntu 8.04
> To my surprize, KDE is only 4.0.3, which I believe is quite old, right?
> I liked many new things, but the configurations are weird and got worse 
> as I tried to fix them...
> Is this to be expected? Should I expect a *good* version for Ubuntu 8.10?
The release announcement for 8.10 beta says it has KDE 4.1.2.  A lot of 
earlier bugs are worked out in it, but I can't tell you just how well it 
is doing.  You might want to get a copy of the Live CD for 8.10 beta and 
try it out.



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