[kde-linux] Things that I miss in KDE 4

Xavier Callejas xavier at wflogistics.com
Mon Oct 13 02:25:39 UTC 2008


Here is my list of what I miss from KDE3 in KDE4:

- System tray cannot hide icons (I got the panel full of system tray icons
that I would want to be hidden, this is very annoying for me).
- KMilo was not ported to KDE4.1.x, I cannot control my Thinkpad buttons any
more (even the volumen keys don't work, for me this is ver very important)
- KNetworkManager do not work at all, we need something to manage our
connectivity the easy as possible, I'm a full laptop user.
- A good Palm/PDA support and integration with Kontact/KDE PIM
- I would like more actions options in the popups menu for files in dolphin
or konqueror (like 'ark' more integrated, and send by email, ...)

Other thinks that need to be implemented:
- KDM and kscreensaver to support fingerprints readers.

Other courious things:
- I cannot drag&drop files from konqueror to dolphin.

BTW, I really like very much how the Qt4 applications looks.

I'm a openSUSE user (currently openSUSE 11.0).

I have tried to use KDE 4 since 4.0, but I think is not ready for me, for
now I'm still using KDE3.5.10, but I wainting ansious for KDE 4.2, I hope
it brings at least the first 4 points of my list.

Just my opinion (althougt I'm a KDE fan full user, and I also recomend KDE
to other linux and windows users (but for now I have stopped from
recomending until KDE 4.2, we'll see), I personally find superior KDE from

Thanks for reading.

Xavier Callejas

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