[kde-linux] qt vs. qt-copy

Nathan nathan at paysonlinux.org
Sat Oct 4 05:17:05 UTC 2008

My intentions are not to start a flame war or anything, and I'm sure someone 
will point me to an archived thread somewhere, but I have a question about qt.

I have always used a stock qt from trolltech, as well as every distro I've 
used in the past. But I'm wondering, should I be using the qt-copy instead? Is 
there a performance hit from using stock qt?

I compiled from source qt 4.4.1, then compiled phonon along with all the other 
requirements, then compiled kde 4.1.1. Last night I compiled qt 4.4.3 and 
today tried to compile kde 4.1.2 and had numerous problems with phonon. So I 
re-compiled phonon again and all the problems went away. So obvious, one of 
the phonons is out of date, and I'm assuming it is the qt 4.4.3 libraries.

This all made me wonder.
Am I driving a corvette with a stock GM engine, rather than the modified GM 
engine from the corvette team? Or is there no difference?


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