[kde-linux] home directory folders listed as desktop icons - unable to delete

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Subject: Re: [kde-linux] home directory folders listed as desktop icons -	unable to delete

2008/5/18 Vinu Moses <vinu at cmcvellore.ac.in>:


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All folders and files on my home directory appear as icons on the desktop. If

I try to delete these icons from the desktop, they reappear at the next

session. Whenever I create a new folder or file in my home directory, it

immediately shows up on the desktop. Similarly, if I delete a file or folder

from my home directory, it disappears from my desktop too.

How do I stop the contents of my home directory being displayed as icons on

the desktop?

(I was playing around with my KDE desktop options and seem to have messed up

settings somewhere.) I'm using Fedora 9 with KDE 4.0.4 (taken from the fedora

updates-testing repository).

Thank you.

you've set your home folder as desktop directory. search for the option that sets the desktop folder and reset it to default, ie. /home/<your username>/Desktop 

Or try to delete the folder ~/.config .


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