[kde-linux] OT: editor

Alain M. alainm at pobox.com
Tue May 13 03:23:08 UTC 2008

Hi Joseph,

I tested both you suggestions on my machine. :(

What I am looking for is something similar at the keyboard level, that 
is: same keyboard commands. Even if I cannot use the mouse through ssh, 
I use the keyboard a lot and I would like to move from one to the other 
and not type the wrong command...

Syntax highlighting of course would be a bonus...


joseph lockhart escreveu:
> */"Alain M." <alainm at pobox.com>/* wrote:
>     this may be a bit OT, but only KDE user con answer this question:
>     What editor can I run on a server (Debian Etch) in text mode that is
>     more similar to KWRITE?
> similar to kwrite? what features are you wanting? most command line 
> editor's are plain text (no bold or italics), i suppose it would depend 
> what you were going to do with it. personally if i cannot use nano for 
> cli text, then i use jed (it has colors for computer code), other than 
> that what are you looking for?
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