[kde-linux] 'End Session' problem

Max K. overlord_3d at hotmail.com
Tue May 6 14:32:02 UTC 2008

So, even if it doesn't look like that, I still try to work on this problem ;)

I tried to change the drivers from "nvidia" to "nv" - but there's at least one case I know, when a PC still crashed, so it doesn't seem to be this :(

Today, I found out something funny: On a PC where X crashed as described, there were a process called "gdm-binary" (duh, I know, I missed to write down all the parameters and options). I was just killing all the non-system-processes and looking if it would change something - and really, after killing the gdm-binary X restarted itself at once, so that I didn't have to execute init 3; init 5 any more.

So the big question is - what consequences can we take out of this? Does it mean that gdm is misconfigured, or could it be anything else?


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> Subject: Re: [kde-linux] 'End Session' problem
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> On Sun March 30 2008, M K wrote:
> > Yeah, the factors are always the point... as Germans say, "the devil is
> > always in the detail" <sigh like Anne> ;). Well, there is indeed about a
> > dozen of mounted NFS shares - all the user accounts etc., from about 5
> > servers. Unfortunately, not to avoid... I think, the problem is the NVIDIA
> > driver, too - and a kinda genius who I know has the same opinion. Are there
> > maybe any other drivers I could try out on a GeForce 7300, except of the
> > proprietary from the NVIDIA page?
> >
> > Btw, thanks for not throwing with things at me :-)
> in the xorg.conf file  ( /etc/X11)
> you can try changing the driver line from:
> nvidia
> to
> nv
> like when I get a new kernel installed, and X fails, I go to xorg.conf and 
> change this line:
>     Driver         "nvidia"
> to this:
>     Driver         "nv"
> the restart X with 
> # /etc/init.d/kdm restart
> you could also try vesa instead of nv
> -- 
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