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david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Sat Mar 29 08:53:25 UTC 2008

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Saturday 29 March 2008 08:04:14 david wrote:
>>> It would be unwise to use KDE4 right now in a production environment.  'A
>>> few years' is a ridiculous statement, though.
>> Why? 
> Because a few years is a lifetime in computing.  At this moment we have no 
> idea where we will be in either software or hardware terms.  We simply can't 
> predict this.
> I accept your reservations, just not your timescale.
>> From what I've seen of KDE4, its new rendering requires far more 
>> video horsepower than any computer I own.
> Are you sure?  That's not the impression I got.  KDE4 should be less 
> resource-heavy, not more.

I understand it has lower memory requirements than KDE3. I understand it 
uses a lot more video card horsepower if you want the 
supposedly-improved user interface.

I have only one computer here that can even run Tuxracer (sorry, 
PlanetPenguinRacer). Although I suppose my wife's new laptop could 
probably handle it, if the new Intel video chipset does better with 
OpenGL than it does throwing bitmaps around on the screen. Well, 
actually, it appears that KUbuntu's support for the new Intel video 
chipset in her laptop is available only via - the good old VESA driver.

I can't seem to find any list anywhere of KDE4 hardware requirements. I 
find lots of results for other people asking for such a list. Know where 
one is?

You're talking to someone who thinks less is more, whose idea of the 
perfect user interface for a paint program is that of the original Targa 
TIPS, and is quite comfortable with Fluxbox. I turn off the eye candy in 
KDE3 (and Windows when I have to use it). ;-)

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