[kde-linux] KBlogger and Wordpress

Rosalind Mitchell rcm at swimbarrow.co.uk
Tue Mar 18 19:04:39 UTC 2008

This afternoon I investigated blog clients to work with Wordpress.  The 
obvious one to try was KBlogger, and I got it set up and eventually posting.  
Unfortunately it took me a while to find the posts I sent, because it was not 
setting the time stamp and all the posts I sent were dated 1 January 1970 and 
thus sent to the end of the list of posts.  I couldn't find a way to persuade 
the time stamp to work correctly - does anybody have any experience of this?  
I'm running KDE 3.5.8 under Kubuntu 7.10

I've been having much more success with Drivel, but would I don't like to 
leave a problem unsolved.  Besides, I don't much care for the name Drivel 
anyway: I'm often accused of posting drivel to my blog even when not using 


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