[kde-linux] OOPS, Sorry Abt. The First Note!

Sylviane et Perry White spwhite at freesurf.ch
Tue Mar 18 18:32:09 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 18 March 2008 01:54, Dave Childs wrote:
> My apology for sending the first e-mail; it was sent accidentally & I
> didn't even know it was sent until I saw it in my "sent mail" folder; I was
> still working on it.  I hope this didn't cause you any inconvenience.
>  Regards,
No problem, a slip of finger can happen to anyone, obviously you didn't mean 
to send a mail without title.

As for the original question:
> , the image sent out to the printers is so big that it requires 6
> sheets to show it!  I can't find any way to adjust the Output image
Dick gave you one way of lowering the scanniong resolution.
I belive it may not result in the best output since printer/scanner resolution 
is much bigger than screen resolution.
I also belive the display (on screen)  size is often related to the resolution 
but that some viewers are smart enough to shrink it when necessary...whished 
there were (is?) some meta information to specify prefered display size.

When you print images  look closely in the printer dialog under Image 
Settings, you will find one option to fit the picture to page. (I tried from 
Konq and Gwenview)
I also noticed that Gimp has a tool to "Set Image Print Resolution". You tell 
it the desired width or height you want the printout and as you shrink the 
image the resolution increases :-)  It will probably work when you print from 
Gimp, and this information may (?) be saved in the native gimp format and not 
(?) in e.g. JPEG or BMP.

HTH	Perry

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