[kde-linux] main and location tollbars on same line

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 9 17:32:25 UTC 2008

On Sunday 09 March 2008 16:33:31 Jethro Tull wrote:
> I would like to have the Main and the Location toolbars at the same
> horizontal level. This means that the address area in the Location toolbar
> is shorten. Some time ago i could do that easily by removing many buttons
> that i never use in the Main toolbar and by dragging it to the beginning of
> the Location toolbar. It was nice. Now they don't stay anymore side to side
> i don't know whyyy.
> I had this problem some time ago when i tuned a bit the graphics card
> drivers and left the graphical interface a bit spoiled, so as  dri couldn't
> load properly. but soon after i removed all the garbage and X was completly
> sane. (i could check that with glxinfo) and the Main and Location tollbars
> were  staying side to side without any problem. But since some days they
> both fell apart at different lines while X seems to be OK.
Right-click on the spot beside one of the toolbars.  From Configure Toolbars 
you can see the four elements that make up the location bar.  What I would do 
is add those elements to the main toolbar, then simply de-select the Location 
bar.  HTH


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