[kde-linux] KDE 3.5.8 two monitors and intel 945 card

Emanoil Kotsev deloptes at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 9 16:56:41 UTC 2008

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> Hello --
>  > On Wednesday March 5 2008 15:11:58 Emanoil Kotsev wrote:
> >
> > I upgraded many packages today and now I have a problem when I click
> > full screen every program spans to both screens before the update it
> > spanning to the window it was running on.
> >
> Try to *disable* xinerama. It's somewhere in the Control Center.

I don't find xinerama anywhere in the control center, but it is disabled in the X conf
It was disabled all the time, so I am afraid it is not the solution I need.

   cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep -i Xine
        Option  "Xinerama"   "off"

To me it looks like kde/xrandr problem and I have a feeling it is related to the problem that after I login I don't have 2 monitors enabled and have to run xrandr manually

The question is where KDE stores those settings and why it is not saving the settings like the rest of the configuration on logout

In the control center (debian) I see two monitor related options under "Periferals": "Monitor" and "Monitor and Display"
Under "Monitor" I find the option for multiple monitors and under "Monitor and Display" I can not change anything as it needs root access BUT there I see "Second screen" with "dual" or "clone" as possible choices.
I understand this as server/client configuration, but the server config has already two monitors configured.
The option "Second screen" is disabled BUT I don't need a screen - only a monitor. For a second screen I need a second graphic card or dual head, as far as I know.

Somehow kde/xrandr are not working as I would like. Where can I read how kde is configuring xrandr after user login? This is something I would like to check, but as I said I don't find anything about xrandr in ~/.kde

Thanks in advance for any advice



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