[kde-linux] Opinion: KDE4 is very great, but does not deserve the version number

Frank Reifenstahl f.reifenstahl at seelig.de
Thu Mar 6 11:22:40 UTC 2008

>> Although the work of the KDE 4 developers cannot be overestimated, I wonder
>> why they call this beta version KDE 4.0.1. It does not match with a kind of
>> netiquette and shoots the bullet much too high in the air. KDE 4.0.1 is
>> *heavily* lacking the reliability of the former  KDE 2.0, which was tested
>> very hard (many betas and RCs) . In this stage the new KDE is still
>> use-less (in the basical meaning of the word). The developers attitude
>> towards the meaning of a major release and  Release Candidates (which
>> indeed were developer releases and by no means versions for fixing the
>> *last bugs* before the release of the final versions) is the only poor
>> thing about KDE 4.
> Shipping 4.0.0 as a "Official Release" and not Beta will get more people on 
> it, and more issues to the forefront. Thus fixing many issues prior to 4.1 
> and so on. I think it was the right move. 

I don't think so. A major release with known flaws and not recommended 
for business use. M$ would get torn to shreds daring to cheek us that 
way. KDE devs should use RCs to converge on stability. Maybe that will 
move it slower, but it's the honest way and doesn't smack of a marketing 


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