[kde-linux] Help with desktop file, exec and PATH environment variable

jisaitua at covenco.cl jisaitua at covenco.cl
Fri Jul 25 15:56:38 UTC 2008


I would appreciate if someone could help me with the following problem. 
I'm running kubuntu hardy (KDE 3.5.9) and this is the situation:
        - I have myapp in /usr/bin/myapp and in /opt/bin/myapp
        - I also have myapp_entry.desktop in /usr/share/applications with 
the Exec line as "Exec=myapp".
        - I added /opt/bin into PATH (editing /etc/environment). So PATH 
has the following:

Now, when I launch "kdialog --msgbox `echo $PATH`" using ALT+F2 it shows 

When I launch "myapp" using ALT+F2 it runs /opt/bin/myapp as expected.
But, and here is my problem, when I launch "myapp_entry" using ALT+F2 it 
runs /usr/bin/myapp and not /opt/bin/myapp as I would expect.

So, how can I make that myapp_entry.desktop runs /opt/bin/myapp without 
using the absolute path in Exec=?

Thank you.

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