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Beso givemesugarr at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 10:16:26 UTC 2008

2008/7/8 Lisi Reisz <lisi.reisz at gmail.com>:

> Is there any way to undelete in Konqueror?
> Lisi
for what i know there isn't any undelete in konqueror. also, the undelete in
konqueror would imply the undelete function in the filesystem, which is not
the case of linux filesystems. there is the trash for deleted files (of
course if you've not deleted the file instead of moving it into trash).
the other way is to scan the entire disk and recreate the files on it.
indexed filesystems like ext3 or reiserfs or others have a function to
rebuild the journal block so that you could recover the files on the disk.
of course this is not to be done on a working pc. first you'll have to stop
writing on the partition on which you've deleted the file (if it's /home
then reboot on a livecd/dvd), then you'd better do a backup of the important
files on some other partition (there are various cds/dvds around that
include backup utils and some of them are also meant for this reason), then
do an image of the partition in cause and use the filesystem utils on a copy
of that image to recover what you want. in this way you'll have the original
partition not being touched, the original image of the partition not being
touched and a touched image on which you can do various tests to recover
data. to find more on this processes you could read about them on internet
(there are various how-to around).
alternatively you might want to try reading about foremost (i've heard it

dott. ing. beso
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