[kde-linux] Users guide to KDE?

Gaffer. derrick_s at tesco.net
Sat Jul 5 20:51:18 UTC 2008

Hi Esben,

On Saturday 05 July 2008 15:15, Esben Mose Hansen wrote:
> On Friday 04 July 2008 20:57:51 Gaffer. wrote:
> > Anne,   I think you are missing the point.   The user expectation
> > of KDE 4  was based on the hype that was created by the
> > announcement of what it would be, compared to what was actually
> > presented !   Now we are saying "but wait until the next version
> > increment" !   What was promised in 4.0  might come in 4.1 or 4.2
> > or or or !
> >
> > The users expectations were very high based on what was offered !
> >   Users are now realising their disappointment !   Its like
> > offering a kid a bag of candy and giving them one piece !
> Gaffer, perhaps you should ask yourself: "What will I achieve with
> this conversation? What do I want to achieve? Is this the best way
> I can achieve it"?

Thinking about it, This will probably just get dropped !  Maybe 
rightly so.  What I want to achieve is expressed in the last 
paragraph !

Yes I can achieve my goal !  Simply by doing what I have been doing 
for a number of years now.  Introducing new clients to Linux, holding 
their hands and helping them become conversant with Linux.  Just 
being there when needed.

Ten years ago I would never have seen a client, domestic or commercial 
using an OSS operating system !  Five or six years ago I actively 
started to introduce my clients to OSS.  Since then I have seen the 
M$ domination fall dramatically.  Today 80% of my clients use Linux !

I'm proud to say that I have yet to sell a single copy of "Vista" !   
I can't count the number of times that I have removed it from clients 
new machines, not supplied by me, I might add.  

I saw "XP"  as the beginning of the end, and for me the beginning of a 
new prosperity !  I am proud of the achievements of Linux and OSS.
I fear that there are not enough people on the ground, and the ones 
that are,  are not making enough noise !

> Because, what you will achieve by these complaints alone are fewer
> KDE developers, and secret development lists/irc channels. Is this
> what you want?

Thankyou for your comments.   I'm sorry if what I said was taken as a 
disparaging complaint.  I think the developers do a fantastic job and 
should be proud of their achievements !

There seems to be a gap between what the goals are and what is 
promised.  End user expectation has been created by whoever, that 
generated enthusiasm and excitement about how much better KDE4 would 
be when it arrived.  

I and the public only know what we see and hear from information 
placed in the public domain.  Upto now the users, in general, haven't 
had chance to get their hands on KDE4.

KDE 3 is very very good and this becomes a standard by which KDE4 is 
judged.  My personal experience of "Open SuSE" with KDE4 is, for me 
disappointing !   I am one person, singular, expressing my personal 
opinion.  I speak to many users, but I don't speak for them !

My comments seem to have upset Anne, for which I am sorry.  She has 
helped me and many many others for which I am grateful.

I have no wish to cause disillusionment or to discourage.  Indeed the 
opposite !   I want Linux to be the Desktop Operating System of 
choice !   KDE is one of the faces of Linux that the public, the new 
and potential users see.  Prettiness is nice but usability goes all 
the way to the core.
Best Regards:

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