[kde-linux] Users guide to KDE?

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 4 18:46:44 UTC 2008

On Friday 04 July 2008 19:18:27 Anne Wilson wrote:
> > My problem is that I often look up some (too) deep nested folder in
> > Konquerror and then copy/paste the path in a shell. Breadcrumbs are not
> > convenient for that.
> True, but for that I'd just switch to the navigation panel, then switch
> back again afterwards.  Moving around deep nested folders is where
> breadcrumbs excel.

It's worth mentioning here that many config options have been moved away from 
System Settings (which replaces Control Center) to the applications 
concerned.  Switching between the two modes, therefore, isn't a problem.  I 
think, once we get used to it, we'll find that quite a few things are more 
convenient in the application configs rather than a central one.


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