[kde-linux] Some composite effects of KWIN4 not working?

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 4 11:18:57 UTC 2008

On Friday 04 July 2008 11:38:19 Beso wrote:
> i was wondering if the dashboard could be like the apple one so that after
> hiding it the plasma applets put on it would disappear? is there anything
> in progress for that?!

I've never seen the apple one, and I don't know anything helpful, sorry.

> and the second question is: what does the desktop viewed after zooming out
> for?!  still haven't found a real reason for having it.

From 4.1 it is possible to have a number folder views which could, conceivably 
need more than one screen's display space.  Zooming out would be a quick 
navigation aid, and clicking on the desired group would zoom in on that 
group.  That's probably a very rough-and-ready explanation, as I haven't got 
4.1 yet, so only know what I've read, but it gives you a vague idea.

One of the (near-completed) first-pages of end-user docs will give you links 
to videos as well as articles about the various aspects.  I'd recommend 
viewing a few of them.

A good place to start is http://media.ereslibre.es/2008/06/kde41.ogg (which 
has been out for several weeks now).  It is silent, though, so don't think 
your sound is broken :-)


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