[kde-linux] Installing KDE4 on Sid

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Sun Jan 27 14:46:29 UTC 2008

>Decided to try it:

>1. In /etc/profile, moved all the old /opt/kdedir stuff to last on path, 
>2. /etc/init.d/kdm restored to the maintainers version (I had changed it to 
>run the old kde3.5).
>3. Ran ldconfig
>4. /etc/init.d/kdm start

>Got the new, default configured login dialog. Logged in.
>Got the new splash screen.
>Then the slew of crash boxes. 

>Before I changed the PATH stuff, I got knotify4 crashes only. KDE 3.5 came 
>Now got crashes of kcminit and most everything else.
>When I had a taskbar, it showed kde3.5 and an app such as kmail listed the 
>kde3.5.6 versions.

>Additionally, kdm ALWAYS gives:
>Previous KDM did not end with share/config, could reek havok.

>Very encouraging, but after putting stuff back to my kde3.5 paths and kdm, I 
>am up and running without any crashes.

>In addition to all those missing kcmshell menu items in kcontrol and the 
>configure menu, the following problems were encountered in kde3.5:
>1. kmail send configuration was gone. 1 Minute to replace and stuck even 
>today's errors. Everything else just fine.
>2. Opera has become the default browser when using the bookmarks menu. Opera 
>does not work with opera %s type calls, however.

OK. How do I get kde4 to come up?

I can certainly expect all those crashes if certain kde4 utilities such as 
knotify4 run on top of kde3 (dolphin, kpackage with smartpm and others 
actually work quite well but this is not the objective).

I see nothing in the new kdmrc or such that would be calling the old stuff and 
I put it at the end of any PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH chains.

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