[kde-linux] Possibility of problems when copying files over?

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Fri Jan 25 09:21:28 UTC 2008

James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
>> I'm getting a bit worried about this laptop, as it seems to have a few 
>> problems not seen on any other computers on the LAN.  For instance, if I log 
>> out > End Session it freezes on a blank screen.
>> The laptop has had a hard-drive replacement.  Before it went back to the 
>> manufacturer I made a backup of all data and config files.  All my .kde 
>> folder was copied back.  The old drive had Mandriva 2007.1 and the new one 
>> has Mandriva 2008.  Does anyone know whether there have been any significant 
>> changes that would cause problems if the old config file is being used?
> In theory, old configuration files should get updated automatically.  So 
> much for theory. :-)

Having been victimized by updates that automatically updated working 
configuration files - and turned them into NONworking configuration 
files - I don't agree with that.

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