[kde-linux] Sound conversion from .rm to.mp3 (LM---)

LM--- ludovicmarchetti at web.de
Tue Jan 22 22:42:23 UTC 2008

James Richard Tyrer wrote:

> > 
> > First, you need to realize that any GUI application for audio is a front 
> > end for an application that can be accessed from the command line.
> > 
> > So, if I wanted to convert file <x>.rm to Vorbis I could use the command:
> > 
> > 	mplayer -ao pcm <x>.rm | oggenc -o <x>.ogg -
> > 
> > {note the "-" at the end; this IS required}
> > 
> > should convert <x>.rm to <x>.ogg IF, and only if, mplayer can play the file.
> > 
> > I don't seem to have an <x>.rm file available, so I can't try this.
> > 
> > IAC, if MPlayer won't do it, there are other Linux players (e.g. Xine & 
> > FFMPEG) that might work.  There might be a GUI front end that would do 
> > this, I don't really know. Perhaps someone else knows.
> > 

>I guess mplayer -ao pcm <x>.rm | oggenc -o <x>.ogg - won't work. Because 
>you try to perform on-fly encoding from stdout. -ao pcm argument won't 
>perform any stdout output and will write audiodump.wav on your hard 
>disk. So you can't use this kind of piping. I guess that would be a 
>better idea to solve the problem in a single line:
>$ mplayer file.rm -ao pcm && lame -m s --cbr -b 320 -s 44.1 
>audiodump.wav file.mp3 && rm -f audiodump.wav
>Will encode file.rm -> file.mp3 with CBR/320Kbps/44Khz/Stereo
>Best wishes,

Hello Sergey, hello James Richard, hello everyone, Well Sergey, yours
LOOKS more like the answer I was looking for - at least because I read
.mp3 in it. Is it really the right one? I won't be able to say before I
try and will I manage that? Not sure, because well, sorry, I'm old
fashioned: I LOVE graphics and my umpteen fenestras on my desktop
between which I can switch with a plain Alt-Tab key combination... But,
well, even though I'm not a specialist of consoles (well I do use one
every now and then, even to do "apt-get" something), I'll try that one
if you tell me I'll not destroy anything in the process!... Further
questions: I read that mplayer is a video player. Is it also a sound
converter? Synaptic offers me to install 15 different libraries with
mplayer: is that necessary? Is kmplayer the "frontend" to mplayer? Can I
install it and get the same ease of function to convert audio files as
with mplayer on the command line in a console? Apart from that, here is
my contribution to the discussion on Konqueror. I have been using
Konqueror both as a file manager and a web browser side by side with the
Iceweasel web browser and I have been very satisfied with that
combination. I am very pleased with the versatility and the
possibilities offered by Konqueror, especially as far as settings are
concerned, I find it quite flexible. I appreciated for instance that it
was able to make use a flash plug-in that was originally designed for

Best regards


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