[kde-linux] State of Konqueror: my 2 cents

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Mon Jan 21 18:22:04 UTC 2008

Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Friday 18 January 2008, Stuart Norman wrote:
> [snip]
>> It saddens me that it might not be developed anymore.
> Where do all you people get this from?
Since it is a subjunctive statement, I would guess that it was his 
presumption based on the evidence.  I make similar presumptions that 
Konqueror is being neglected because it is a mature application.

The major change to Konqueror in 4.0 was to remove two file manager 
KParts and replace them with a Dolphin KPart.  Perhaps this can be 
justified for maintainability, but the unfortunate fact is that 
Konqueror 4.0.0 lacks many of the features which Konqueror 3.5.x has.

Yes some things have been improved.  The configuration dialog is a great 
improvement although it still suffers from an incorrect division between 
FileManagement and WebBrowsing.

IMHO, the "View Profile" system is a major kludge.  Yes it addresses 
issues, but there must be better solutions which would also address 
these issues.  Unfortunately, the only changes to this appear to be a 
greater division into the false dichotomy of FileManagement vs. 
WebBrowsing.  In place of this, I would like to see View Configuration 
(not including the URL) based on protocol and MIME type.  This would 
provide the ultimate configurability without the "state" which is 
considered harmful by most usability experts.

Along with this, we need a way to save a set of tabs with their URLs as 
something similar to a bookmark (but separate from the bookmarks).


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