[kde-linux] Sound conversion from .rm to.mp3

LM--- ludovicmarchetti at web.de
Mon Jan 21 17:43:21 UTC 2008

Hello everyone,

I have been a plain user of Linux for almost three years now, sporting
Debian 4.0 Etch, now with Kernel 2.6.18, KDE 3.5 on a Pentium PC with
AMD Athlon1800+, and I'm very satisfied.

I was looking for a tool to convert sound, i.e. .rm files to .mp3 files.
I was told to try SoundConverter which I found in the Debian repository.

Now I realised that the programme is not able to convert .rm files to
.mp3 files. Several gstreamer plugins are installed (several of the
gstreamer0.10 series AND I installed gstreamer0.8-lame and
gstreamer-mad, as I read that they were necessary) and the corresponding
libraries libgstreamer0.8 and libgstreamer0.10 but there's nothing to be
done. I still can't convert as I wish.

Does it have to do with a new built-in limitation (a licencing problem?)
or did I miss something?

Anybody having help for me?

Thanks in advance


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