[kde-linux] Disable KSnapshot<->Print Screen connection

Jonathan Wilson jw at mailsw.com
Wed Jan 16 23:42:01 UTC 2008


I have a user running KDE on openSuSE 10.3 who needs the print screen button  
NOT do anything when pressed. Right now it brings up KSnapshot. I've looked 
all over in the KDE Control Center, both with the search and Can't find 
anything about it. Oddly enough I do find "Alt+Print" and "Ctrl+Print" in the 
keybindings list and they don't seem to do anything. But I can't find the 
place where Print Screen is mapped to KSnapshopt.

If I search for "ksnapshot" in the help-center search it does lead me to the 
Keyboard Shortcuts" screen but I've looked all through it and can't find it.

Is this a SuSE-specific setting or a general KDE one?




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