[kde-linux] how to stop the flash of blue when kde starts?

`Zidane Tribal comeherenow at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 01:18:04 UTC 2008

hey all,

i have a curious problem.   basicly, my kdm background is set to black
and to auto-login, and my kde desktop background is set to black, so i
should go from "black to black".  however, it would appear that when
kde starts, it has a blue background and displays it until it starts
loading my personalised settings, leading to a "black to blue to

i cant imagine this would be too hard to solve, but i cant seem to
find anything about where this colour setting is stored and nothing in
the gui seems to change it.

is it possible to change this default kde background colour?

i should point out, i certainly dont mind getting my hands dirty
delving around in configuration files if required.

just incase it is helpfull, i am using kubuntu 7.10 on a toshiba
equium a200-1v0 and everything is working perfectly except for this
little blue flash when kde is loading.

thanks in advance.

You dont need a reason to help people.  `Zidane Tribal.

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