[kde-linux] Can not place bugreport

Pavel Mendl pavel_mendl at centrum.cz
Sat Feb 16 09:43:26 UTC 2008

I am not able to place bugreport via http://bugs.kde.org/wizard.cgi, as 
filling in version 3.5.5, stating Debian stable, it requires me to upgrade to 
latest version and report with that. However using Debian stable (Etch), I am 
NOT offered upgrade of either korganizer or kdepim package after version 
3.5.5 in the package manager. As this is my production development machine, I 
do not want to replace the package via direct download of newer versions. Any 
known solution? (IMHO bugreport should check the latest version against 
latest version available for DECLARED PLATFORM only.)
To the bug itself: if KOrganizer for any reason (e.g. computer crash) closes, 
all alarms pending in currently opened dialog windows are marked as closed - 
thus lost from sight and mind... Very annoying. IMHO they should not be 
marked as closed (completed) on simple dialog window closure, until 
EXPLICITLY closed by the "Close" button.
Pavel Mendl
pavel_mendl at centrum.cz
Skype: pmendl (link skype:pmendl?call )
ICQ: 37571535

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