[kde-linux] 'End Session' problem

James Loughner jwrl at suddenlink.net
Sat Feb 9 16:58:49 UTC 2008

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Saturday 09 February 2008 09:15, M K wrote:
>>>> Now, after patching the KDE bug, after a logout X STILL sporadically
>>>> doesn't return to the login screen, but stays with a black screen and
>>>> mouse cursor - at least, now I can restart X with 'init 3; init 5' and
>>>> don't have to reboot (ctrl+alt+backspace still doesn't work). Now I
>>>> don't know if it's a configuration error or a problem with NVIDIA
>>>> drivers (or something else).
>>>> P.S. Oh yeah, this time there's nothing in the Xorg.#.log or
>>>> .xsession-errors - they both have exactly the same entries as when the
>>>> logout runs normally.
>>> Hmm - this is a laptop with an ATi Mobility Radeon X600. Â I wonder if it
>>> really is an X problem. Â All the same, if it is, why doesn't it affect
>>> shutting down or rebooting? Â You've given me food for thought, but I'm
>>> not absolutely convinced.
>> I think shutdown or reboot are not affected 'cause these are not strict X
>> routines, but the logoff... don't know if it's a total trash what I've just
>> said :-)
> You could be right, though.  One thing is clear, the same distro performs 
> perfectly on my old, non-ATi, laptop.  I had no problem with the 2007 and 
> 2007.1 versions of Mandriva, but then the Radeon X600 wasn't said to be 
> supported by the kernel drivers, so I would have been using a simpler video 
> driver.  I guess the only way to test the theory is to find out how to load 
> the old (vesa?) driver instead of the current one.  I'm pushed for time at 
> the moment, but I'll try to look into that over the next day or two.
> Anne
Just edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and make vesa the driver.


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