[kde-linux] 'End Session' problem

M K overlord_3d at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 8 17:32:26 UTC 2008

> On my laptop I am unable to 'End Session'.  I suspect that this is caused by 
> something left over from a previous install, but so far haven't been able to 
> find it.  I can shut down cleanly and also reboot cleanly, but if I 'End 
> Session' I see about 1 second of normal activity, then the screen flashes and 
> is replaced by a black screen with a cursor in the top left-hand corner.  
> There is considerable disk activity for about 5 seconds, then nothing.  There 
> it hangs until I touch the power button, at which time it begins a shutdown 
> routine.
> It looks as though the shutdown is expecting to have to deal with a service 
> that it can't find.  I used to start with a previously saved session, but it 
> is now set to start with an empty session.  I'm really stuck for ideas to 
> check.
> Anne

Looks like the same problem I have with KDE... no, not KDE any more, now it seems to be X itself.
In my earlier mails I wrote about KDE crashing on logout (bugzilla.novell.com, bug 336627) and told that after the crash there's sometimes only a black screen with mouse pointer on it, forever until a reboot - ctrl+alt+backspace and init 3, init 5 do not help. So i thought this was a consequence of the bug - but of course, I was wrong :) 

Now, after patching the KDE bug, after a logout X STILL sporadically doesn't return to the login screen, but stays with a black screen and mouse cursor - at least, now I can restart X with 'init 3; init 5' and don't have to reboot (ctrl+alt+backspace still doesn't work). Now I don't know if it's a configuration error or a problem with NVIDIA drivers (or something else).

Anybody a clue? (pleease!)


P.S. Oh yeah, this time there's nothing in the Xorg.#.log or .xsession-errors - they both have exactly the same entries as when the logout runs normally.

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